One comment on “Irreversible

  1. As far as the rape/revenge genre goes, I would have to say this is the best film of its kind (that I’ve seen).

    And I’ve got to admit – the sight of La Tenia smiling after the murder by fire extinguisher is a truly powerful (and infuriating) sight. But at the same time, I laughed at the sight of him (because this is just a movie). it’s hard to explain, but La Tenia raped and severely beat a woman, THEN he’s amused to see that the people looking for him have gone after the wrong man. I’d love to know what exactly the character was thinking – probably something along the lines of “That should’ve been me getting my head smashed open, but I was lucky that some other loser got what I had coming to me.” Then he’d probably be laughing uncontrollably in his own head.

    So yes, this was an impressive review.

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