4 comments on “A Serbian Film

  1. Great review, I highly enjoyed this film. Well, maybe ENJOYED is the wrong word, but I liked it, and I too believe it was very intelligent and well-made. I always think of the possibility of things like this really happening, which is part of what fascinates me so much. The acting was fantastic, and yet as I said in my own review of this, “Is that thing real?!” LOL! I think everyone who has seen this knows what I mean, haha. I enjoy your writing style, as well!

  2. I have watched the movie several times now & like you I’m not sure if “enjoyed” is the right word but it is a film that has the power to provoke a reaction. But isn’t that what art is supposed to do? Cinema at its purest is an artform, just like music or paint. When listening to a song or looking at a painting, it provokes a reaction, be it positive or negative. It’s the same with A Serbian Film. I have seen plenty of so-called extreme horror films which left me completely unfazed. It is to the credit of the makers of A Serbian Film that the movie still manages to shock & provide that visceral reaction. I still squirm in my seat at the end when Milos has sex with the two bodies beneath the sheets (don’t want to give a major spoiler away)
    Thank you for the kind words.

  3. Not a problem! You’re so right, it is meant to provoke a response. As it should. I don’t believe in censorship, and I think sometimes people are too sensitive. That said, you’re right about the end, it is the worst part of the movie! For sure!

  4. You summed up the history of extreme horror quite nicely – a great introduction to your review.

    “A Serbian Film is first & foremost a very good movie. It’s the kind of film the likes of Fred Vogel (August Underground) or Nick Palumbo (Murder Set Pieces) can only dream & aspire to making.” YES. You are dead-on. At least Nick Palumbo knows how to make a movie that makes me laugh!

    I can’t say I blame you or Jamie for not “enjoying” A Serbian Film – but I did! That probably makes me sound like a much more horrible person than I actually am – but I loved the characters, I thought the film had a great sense of humour, and the violence/gore was amazing. I’ve heard a lot of people say they hate the movie just because of the simulated child abuse – but they’re totally overlooking all of the film’s positive aspects. This is a film that can’t be appreciated by many people.

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