3 comments on “Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl

  1. If you enjoyed VGVFG you will enjoy Tokyo Gore Police, it’s a better movie.
    The blatant racism spoilt VGVFG for me, the ganjuro references went too far.
    I will review Tokyo Gore Police at some stage, I just have a few real world things to deal with right now.

  2. I loved this movie. And I actually enjoyed the humour more than the gore (and the gore was AWESOME). My sense of humour is pretty warped – I wasn’t offended by the ganjuro references, or the wristcutting scenes. I can see how they’re touchy subjects, but it’s common for me to joke about stuff a lot more horrifying than ganjuros or wristcutters. So… a lot of people hate my sense of humour! And my weird sense of humour does creep into my movie reviews, every so often. That said, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the movie, even though I had no complaints about the film!

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