6 comments on “Dead Snow

  1. Finally watched this film, and was surprised to discover how funny I found it. I was a little let-down by the zombies, thought they could have been a lot better, but loved the rockin soundtrack.
    Cliched crap, but enjoyable! Having said this, this film could have been so much worse.

  2. I thought the zombies were ok, it was the SFX that didn’t completely work. The soundtrack was very impressive.
    I think the fact it was cliched was one of it’s strongpoints. It set out to be an entertaining zombie film & suceeded.
    Having sat through utter garbage like Colin & The Zombie Diaries, this movie entertained.

  3. I know this was intended tongue-in-cheek but you wouldn’t want to meet Herr Herzog down a dark alley, that’s for sure! lol
    Haven’t seen Colin, what’s that like? Nor Zombieland. I liked Shaun of the Dead a lot, very funny and well done.

  4. Colin is awful. It’s a movie I heard so much about & really looked forward to & when I finally watched it was so disapointed. Probably the worst film I have ever watched on The Horror Channel (& there have been some true stinkers on that channel)
    Zombieland was surprisingly good, really enjoyable.

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