11 comments on “Haute Tension aka Switchblade Romance

  1. I saw a trailer for this the other day and didn’t realise till reading your review that it was Haute Tension (the trailer was for Switchblade Romance!).
    The plot is very similar to the Dean Koontz novel Intensity (the title, too!). There was a tv movie made of the Koontz book that was, to be blunt, crap with a capital C! Haute Tension (if not directly adapted from the Koontz book; I’m not sure if the makers were inspired by it or it’s similarity is purely coincidental) has to be better than that ambomination. Has to!

  2. Dean Koontz’s books seem to fair poorly when adapted into movies. I loved the book Phantoms, a true page turner. But the film with Ben Affleck of all people was horrible & the less said about Watchers the better.
    I haven’t read Intensity, I will look out for it, thanks.

    • I agree. Phantoms the movie was bad, Watchers worse. Demon Seed with Julie Christie is about the best. It’s a shame, some of his earlier novels are very good and could be great films.

  3. Yeah Night chills would, very graphic in it’s violence and sexuality, would be right at home here on your site, as would The Key to Midnight with it’s Japanese setting.

  4. I try to mix it up a bit between the extreme & the more mainstream movies on this blog. I suppose it’s the extreme movies that remain in my head after the film has finished.
    I can’t for the life of me remember the title of the book as I gave it to my youngest daughter after reading it but it was a Dean Koontz book about a guy who recieved premonitions & the finale was in a windmill he remebered from childhood. That was a great read, didn’t see the end coming which was refreshing. That would make a great dark psychological thriller.

  5. The title that escapes you is Cold Fire, and yeah that was a great book. The windmill setting is actually a reference to Foreign Correspondent, an old Hitchcock film. The Bad Place, Midnight and the Vision are stand-out Koontz books. Strangers and Whispers are great reads too.
    I think the site a has a nice balance between extreme and mainstream, but I understand that it’s currently a work in progress…

  6. Sometimes I think it’s you that should be writing a page like this & me commenting. Your knowlege of the genre is more extensive than mine & I think you have a more rounded writing style than myself. I haven’t read The Vision, I will pick up a copy, thanks for the recomendation & kind words on the blog.

  7. Another excellent post!
    I loved this movie, and thought it was brilliant. Definitely unique, and original. There don’t seem to be a lot of truly good horror movies anymore these days, but this is one, for sure!

  8. Couldn’t agree more, its a wonderful film. To be honest I have never been happy with my review of it & I might re-write it at some stage.
    Thanks for the comment.

  9. Finally watched this. Liked the first half, dissappointed by the second. Thought the twist at the end was fairly predictable. The Koontz book is remarkably similar, well worth a read; forget about the tv movie that was made from it tho.

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