6 comments on “Ichi The Killer

  1. I’ll have to take a look. I need a J-Horror flick to review, so it might as well be this one. Doesn’t sound like something I would normally enjoy (not big on the torture and such) but I did like Audition so maybe I’ll like this one.

  2. This movie is nothing like Audition, Audition was subtle, Ichi is anything but subtle. If your looking for a J-Horror film to review, try either Noroi (reviewed here) or A Tale Of Two Sisters (I will get round to reviewing it here) Both are wonderful atmospheric creepfests.

  3. Kakihara blowing his cigerette smoke through the two gill-like cuts in his face is the coolest image I’ve seen in a film for while. I must say I was surprised to find laughter my predominant response to this film. Audition is next on my list to watch.

  4. The violence & imagery is too OTT not to laugh at it. It is almost farcical at times (the face sliding down the wall) It is the sexual violence against the prostitute which is quite dark & shocking.
    Audition is a fantastic movie.

  5. The face sliding down the wall is another great image. I suppose the film echoes the comic in terms of OTT violence. It’s interesting to find that the more OTT the less shocking violence becomes. Incidentally I’ve never read the manga comic, and it seems a lot of these asian movies are based upon them. I must check some of the comics out!

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