5 comments on “In My Skin

  1. As a devotee of Cronenberg’s work, it’s inevitable that I will see this film. I had heard of it but didn’t know much about it in terms of what it was actually about. Cronenberg’s films say so much about the human condition, and I’ve always loved the dialogue his characters speak (for example, the insect politics speach Seth Brundle gives in the Fly, ‘about an insect who dreamed he was a man…’is just wonderful and profound). A cerebral and visionary film-maker. Here’s hoping I enjoy In My Skin as much!
    Long live the new flesh!!

  2. It’s strange that I love Cronenberg’s work but I thought his version of The Fly was one of his weakest movies. I think it was too easy a movie for him. It had some truly inspired moments, ideas & as you said the dialogue was wonderfully written. There was none of the truly inspired Cronenberg touches that made Rabid & Shivers such great movies. It was also around the time of Videodrome, which in my opinion is his greatest hour (well hour & a half)
    He is also a great actor as Nightbreed proved (won’t mention Jason X)

  3. I don’t feel the Fly was his weakest, but certainly not his finest either. It was this and Scanners that served as my introduction to his films early on. The Brood, Shivers and Rabid are probably the three essentials, but I personally think he succeeds with whatever he turns his hand to. I think his partnership with Howard Shore’s music is just perfect too.
    He is great in Nightbreed. He has such a cool and calm presence, so sane and reasonable on the outside…
    As for Jason X, was that a midlife crisis or something? lol

  4. Rabid was my introduction to Cronenberg’s work & the memory of watching it for the first time is still with me. It’s one of the only films that has ever given me the creeps. It really got under my skin. Scanners was a wonderful movie, possibly Michael Ironside’s best role. You are right about his partnership with Howard Shore, best exemplified by Crash. A movie I think is criminally underrated & a great adaptation of a difficult book.

  5. SO underated, Crash! Rabid is superb, I watched it again not too long ago, never tire of it. Marilyn Chambers gives a surprisingly good performance. Dead Ringers is another fave, and I loved A History of violence and Eastern Promises too, although they’re quite a shift in gear.
    Did you know that Cronenberg was orginally involved with Total Recall before Paul Verhoeven took over and made a hash of it? That would have been another great Cronenberg, I’m sure!

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