5 comments on “Stacy: Attack Of The Schoolgirl Zombies

  1. World War Z is a book I keep meaning to get hold of. The John Skipp and Craig Spector Book of the Dead anthologies are a nice collection of short zombie fiction. I agree Fulci’s Zombi is monumental. I haven’t yet seen the later installments of Romero’s Dead films (Land of and Diary of).
    Think I’ll give Stacy a miss, though! lol

  2. In many ways Fulci’s Zombi is a better movie than Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. I realise that last statement is almost blasphemous but that arguement holds up. Yes Romero’s movie was a wonderfully dark satire on consumerism & a genre benchmark but Fulci’s movie had much better looking zombies, it moved at an entertaining pace (let’s be honest DOTD plods at times) I would venture the splinter in the eye & throat rip effects are better than anything Savini did in Dawn. The clincher is the zombie vs shark scene, just so insanely cool.
    World War Z is a fantastic book I would highly recomend.

  3. As much as I like Dawn (and Savini), I’m inclined to agree. From the eerie opening aboard the drifting yacht, the awesome visual of zombie wrestling shark, to the terrifying implication of the horde of monsters marching into the city at the end…perhaps one of the best zombie films of all time!
    Barker’s Scapegoats story in Books of Blood is a great homage too, with a few nice touches of his own.

  4. The ending of Zombi is great, it’s just a shame that the radio voiceover is a bit cheesy.
    I love Barker’s Books Of Blood & Scapegoats is great, I thik my favourite story would either be In The Hills, In The Cities, Down Satan or The Forbidden.

  5. Haha, will have to watch it again and listen specifically to the voice-over!
    The Madonna, In The Flesh, Son of Celluloid, Human Remains…There isn’t one single story I don’t love dearly in the Books of Blood. Barker is due to release a new Pinhead story called the Scarlet Gospels, which started as a short but expanded into a full length book. Haven’t checked his site for a any updates recently, though.

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