4 comments on “À l’intérieur

  1. Loved this film. Definitely ranks alonside Martyrs as a great French extreme experience. I thought both actresses were fantastic, especially Beatrice Dalle.

    • I’m actually tempted to review Betty Blue. It’s not horror but it’s such a wonderful movie.
      Inside is a good movie, it’s a shame I guessed the ending quite early in the film. The last frames of the movie with Dalle is deeply creepy & unsettling.

  2. Funny you should mention Betty Blue, as it’s a film I was going to get hold of since watching Inside. Can you believe I’ve never seen it?! It’s one of those movies that was always on the periphery of my attention but I somehow never got round to watching.
    I suppose Inside is a fairly straight-forward affair in terms of story, but it’s done nicely. It’s similar to an idea I had for a story myself…might want to re-think that one now, though. lol

  3. Betty Blue truly stands head & shoulders above every other movie in my humble opinion. An absolute first class masterpiece. You really need to see the full 3hr director’s cut to truly appriciate the movie.
    Inside is a well made movie & it’s wonderfully acted. I bought it the day after I saw it for the first time.
    You could probably still write that story, sometimes it’s not the story but the way it’s told that makes the tale unique.
    I think I will review Betty Blue, I have been lazy here but work has been hell & i’m doing 13hr days & just too tired when I get home. Hopefully at the weekend I can get some more reviews up.

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