6 comments on “Funny Games

  1. I was reading up on the Leopold and Loeb case not so long ago, fascinating. Hitchcock’s Rope (or rather the play on which it’s based) is loosely inspired by it. Funny Games sounds like a missed opportunity….

  2. The Leopold & Loeb case is unusual & to my mind quite chilling, it is a crime devoid of any emotion, be it positive or negative. It was an extremely cold act commited by two men who gained nothing at all from the crime, a senseless waste of 3 lives.

    • It’s the relationship of the two that I find interesting, whether or not there was a dominant personality and a weaker one, and which that actually was, and whether or not the crimes would have been carried out if the two hadn’t been put together. The moors murders was very similar, Brady in fact citing the L&L case. I think this aspect is done wonderfully in Rope, both Farley Granger and John Dall give super portrayals.

  3. Yet again my internet is playing silly buggers! I am ashamed to admit I have never seen Rope! I will, however check it out. The Brady/Hindley partnership does draw similar parralells & interesting questions. I have read in several books that had the pair not met, chances are neither would have commited those kinds of crimes.

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