One comment on “Seul Contre Tous aka I Stand Alone

  1. Excellent review! It’s been a few years since I saw this movie, and I unfortunately did not write a review of it yet. However, I loved this film, and you pretty much put into words why I love this film.

    It’s interesting, because as you mentioned, the Butcher appeared in Carne, I Stand Alone, and Irreversible. I had been hoping we’d get to see him in Enter the Void, but my guess is that Noe didn’t think the Butcher would fit in that movie. Perhaps Noe considers the Butcher’s story to be completed?

    Oh, and I must admit, I laughed when the Butcher was punching his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. Ahem. If that happened in real-life, I’d be horrified. If memory serves me correctly, it was the Butcher’s narration of why he did it that made me laugh so much.

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