8 comments on “Snuff 102

  1. Interesting point you make about the real animal killing setting up in the viewers’ mind the willingness to accept the human carnage as genuine, never really thought much about that. Certainly what I find most disturbing about CH is the gratuitous animal slaughter.

  2. I love Italian 80s splatter & the short lived cannibal sub-genre but I did find the real animal cruelty very hard to watch. There is a scene with a goat in Deep River Savages that truly sickened me & still disturbs me today. In truth these scenes are unforgiveable & inexcusable. Cannibal Holocaust is a paradox for me. It’s an incredibly well made & very powerful movie but despite my love for the movie, the muskrat (coatmundi) scene is repulsive. Snuff 102 does not stage it’s own animal cruelty, they are pre-existing scenes taken from the internet.
    As for the pyschological aspect of the animal cruelty it does make sense. As you watch your mind is conditioned to what it is watching by the images it sees. If what you are watching is real it makes sense you begin to accept all that is shown is real. It worked for Faces Of Death, at least a third of those scenes in that movie are fake.

  3. I feel kind of the same about CH after watching it again last year. A good film, the effect of the girl on the pole extraordinarily well done. And who would have thought that the interior of a turtle (at least I think it was a turtle) would be so messy. Jesus! lol Yeah I suppose that makes sense about the psychological aspect: it’s a fascinating subject, for sure.

  4. It was a turtle & I didn’t really have as much of a problem with that scene as I did with the coatmundi. The turtle was cooked & eaten by cast & crew & while I accept that there is still the sensationalist & exploitive nature of that scene at least the death of the animal was not completely in vain. Where as the coatmundi was painfully killed just for the sake of a movie scene. I know that arguement is possibly slight but CH’s animal abuse is a hell of a lot more acceptable than what Umberto Lenzi has been guilty of in movies like Deep River Savages, Eaten Alive & Cannibal Ferox

  5. Not seen Deep River Savages or Canibal Ferox. The latter I meant to watch last year after browsing thru the video nasty list. I might catch up with them; you’ve stirred my morbid curiosity now! lol I agree the coatimundi worse. I found it fascinating to watch the unbelievable innards of the turtle as it was taken apart despite myself. Plus I think the coatimundi’s vocal reaction to it’s demise adds more to the disturbing nature of that scene,,,whereas the turltle is practically a fish!

  6. With me it was more a case of the turtle’s death was at least instant, where as the coatmundi suffered, that was what I found really hard to take. Deodato has said that if he was making the film now he would not film those scenes. I find that to be hypocritical bullshit. It’s not like he wasn’t old enough or inteligent enough to know what he was filming.
    Strangley I know what you mean about the turtle. I suppose its the same reason I watched The Gunter Von Hagen autopsy shows, its a fascination with biology I suppose & what miracles of genetics & evolution human & animal bodies are.

  7. I loved the Von Hagen autopsy shows too, brilliant! I’m fascinated with anatomy in general from a purely visual aspect so to speak.

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