4 comments on “The Butcher

  1. I totally agree, I have to give you credit for sticking it out all the way through…I lost interest around the end of the first segment. very nice review.

  2. Thank you. For some reason I very rarely abandon a movie before it finishes, no matter how bad it is. I have sat through some real crap like Colin, Goth & The Last Lovecraft & stuck in till the end. The only film I can think of that I have turned off midway through recently is Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, that truly was dreadful.

  3. Ugh, I despised this movie. I made it through the entire thing almost out of spite, because the husband was such a rotten prick I was hoping to see him die a horrible death. Couldn’t believe this came from South Korea. I get the feeling someone just figured, “OK, found footage genre + a snuff movie= how can we lose? Let’s just have a 3-page outline instead of a screenplay, too’. The scary thing is I got totally attacked from all directions when I gave it a negative review on IMDB, warning people it was boring, headache-inducing, sloppy, lazy, everything above you mentioned. I can’t believe how many people thought it was great. VERY nice to see my opinion of this shitty, shitty, very shitty movie validated!

    • Like you I really hoped the husband would meet a horrible death, what a total arse! The problem with that was anyone watching lost any sympathy or empathy with his plight, which rendered the rest of the film pointless. It sadly doesn’t surprise me you got attacked on IMDB, that site seems to be heavily populated by trolls who fail to grasp the concepts of debate & opinions. I truly fail to see how anyone could praise that movie, it is possibly the worst example of the found footage genre. Glad you enjoyed the review & thank you for reading.

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