3 comments on “GP 506 aka The Guard Post

  1. This one sounds like something I would enjoy. The fact that it would be hard to follow puts me off as I find it difficult enough following movies anyhow, much prefer reading where everything is laid out clearly. But then movies much easier to watch again and less time consuming than books lol.

  2. I would certainly recommend you give it a go. It is a well made movie & let’s be honest all reviews are subjective & just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you won’t. Maybe I was harsh with it! Books have thier own place, its a different medium that allows you an intimate look into the pesonality & pysche of the characters in a story that a movie never can. Also books are more interactive. Take Dean Koontz’s Phantoms for example. The hotel becomes almost your hotel. The way you picture it in your mind is unique & yours. Its no doubt not the way Koontz saw it as he wrote it. How I see it in my mind isn’t probably how you saw it. Books have that personal element. Two great but completely different storytelling mediums.

  3. It’s having to rely on dialogue (or hearing) that I find downside with movies, as so much relies upon what is being said in advancement of plot and so forth. I completely agree about the mediums being completely different and reviews subjective. Having said that, I trust and agree a lot of the time with your viewpoint and find that most of what you say makes sense. And Phantoms is def due another read by myself. I have a paperback copy I bought as teen and a hardback one I recently purchased which hasn’t been read yet lol. Such a great book.

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