25 comments on “[REC] 3 Genesis

    • The first two are great, especially the first one which is a masterclass in tension & shocks. I’m still at war in my head over Genesis. It could have been stunning but they really dropped the ball. In truth I’m being kind to it just because it is a [REC] movie.

    • It is worth watching. I dare say I will sit down & watch it again this week. I love the first two movies & sadly this doesn’t measure up. It has its moments but the last third is very poor.

      • Haha I thought the first two Hostel movies were awful, overhyped & surprisingly tame. If Hostel 3 is anything like the first two High School Musical will seem like a masterpiece 🙂

      • I like Eli Roth a lot and enjoyed both Hostels, but they just had nothing on Cabin Fever. I’m a big Scott Spiegel fan from Intruder and his From Dusk Till Dawn sequel so I should be open to Hostel 3, but for some reason it doesn’t appeal.

      • Sorry to say but I really didn’t like Cabin Fever. I haven’t seen the second & to be honest doubt I will. Intruder was a great movie though.

      • Most people hate the sequel to Cabin Fever but if you want some mindless trash then you’ll enjoy it. Intruder was simple and predictable but it kicked ass. Great kills, great cast, great atmosphere.

  1. Nice write up buddy. I watched REC 1-3 in one sitting last week as I had never seen them, and my reviews will be up this week. Like you I loved the first 2, but this one, I was disappointed. Didn’t feel like a REC movie to me. As for the ‘St George’ part…..yeah a few swear words might have happened then. I mean, its like something out of a cheesy video game. There were some good bits (not too many) but REC 4 will be back featuring Manuela Velasco and pick straight up after REC 2 so hopefully the franchise will finish on a high.

    • Altho i’ve to see Genesis, I feared this would struggle to live up to first two movies. It might have been a better idea to have had the 4th follow on first and leave the prequel till later. Perhaps the next one will restore some of the greatness:)

    • Thanks Tysoncarter, it is sad because I cannot stress how much I wanted to like Genesis. I really tried to forgive its flaws but in the cold light of day it just isn’t a great movie. The St Goerge bit was horrible! It looked like something more suited to Shaun of The Dead or Zombieland than a [REC] film. The same with “spongebob” no need for silly humour. All the tension & atmosphere of the first two was sadly lacking. Like you I hope [REC] 4 Apocalypse restores the franchise to its former heights & finishes the series well. I look forward to reading your reviews.

      • I’m with you, after seeing parts 1 & 2 I couldn’t wait to see part 3. It just didn’t feel like a REC movie, and definitely went for a comedy approach. Just posted my REC review, and parts 2 and 3 coming this week. My scores keep getting lower though, although Im struggling not to be too harsh and confused as to what score to give part 3……..just if it wasnt part of the REC universe and was a stand alone film then REC 3 would of been good fun. But I cant score it that way and I dont know about you, but aside from the dog bite and a tv screen in the background Im not sure how this constitutes being a prequel that will answer lots of our questions about the beginning of this ‘virus’.

  2. From the timeline in Genesis I would say it was happening at the same time. The images on the TV screen were of the apartment building being quarantined. Also before the wedding descended into chaos there were shots of people in contamination suits in the grounds. So not so much a prequel as a parallel story. The origins of the virus (possesion) were pretty much dealt with in part 2 & the back story of the Medeiros girl. Which kind of makes Genesis redundant.

    • Yep, redundant is the word!! It was the director who stated that REC 3 would be a prequel and answer questions, but it just didn’t. You played the video game ‘Dead Island’?? That to me is what this film felt like.

      • I have played Dead Island but I’m more of a Left4Dead type person. I can see where you are coming from & Dead Island had a better trailer 🙂

  3. I’ve only seen the first [REC], but it really does suck when the franchise is suddenly let down. And I feel you on those those ‘for fuck’s sake’ moments. Great review though!

    • Thanks, It is such a crime. I have been dying to see this movie for years & even lowering my expectations it failed to deliver. I would recomend you watch [REC]2 that is a great sequel.

  4. I hope they stop the franchaise here, before they drag another great concept of films through the mud and water it down with a half dozen unwatchable sequels. The 2 sequels are already on the downward slope – they can only go further down from here!

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