I am not one for awards, I realise I am by nature a cynical fucker but lately I have had several nominations from fellow bloggers for certain blogger awards. I will be honest despite my cynicism these nominations have come from bloggers I not only follow but respect. I would go as far as to say each & every one of them produces a much higher quality blog than I do. My sincere thanks go out to all of you.

 So with that in mind these are my nominations (in alphabetical order).

Aloha Mister Hand
Badasses, Boobs & Bodycounts
Cigarette Burns
Creature With The Atom Brain
Head In A Vice
Lucid Dreams & Saturn Skies
STD Movie Reviews
The B-Horror Blog

 Yes I know there is only nine but fuck it, that’s my list. For anyone reading this I would ask you to visit these pages & read these blogs. To the bloggers themselves, a sincere thank you for your work & for your words of encouragement on my blog. Keep up the good work.


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