Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the Subtitled Hell Hall Of Fame, simply put these are the 10 movies that you should not only have seen but also own. The best of the best.

Betty Blue

Quite simply the greatest movie ever made


Brutal, disturbing, compelling & utterly magnificent


Stunning jump out of your seat creepfest

Battle Royale

Controversial & brilliant. A true classic


An incredible tale of twisted vengeance.

I’m A Cyborg

A wonderfully touching movie, a true must see.

Noroi (The Curse)

The ultimate nerve shredding, scary as fuck movie… EVER

I Saw The Devil

A truly breathtaking dark thriller.


Wonderfully scripted ghost movie.

A Tale of Two Sisters

Incredibly powerful, thought provoking psychological drama.






2 comments on “Hall Of Fame

  1. Wow… you have excellent taste! I’ve seen everything on your list except Chan Wook Park’s “Cyborg”. I own copies of almost all the rest. I’m a lifelong horror fan and [REC] is not only one of the most terrifying subtitled films, it might go on my list of “ten scariest movies ever made”. And Shutter (They are Around Us)? I don’t care what a (very) few haters say. If Shutter doesn’t scare you, you don’t have a pulse! They sure fucked up that remake. What they need to do is just re-release the original …but I think it’d take at least me two Xanax to be brave enough to go watch it in an actual movie theater!

    • Thank you for your kind words. [REC] utterly blew me away the first time I saw it. Such a simple idea but executed so well. I simply cannot wait to see [REC] Genesis & [REC] Apocalypse. Shutter was a film that really surprised me. I’m not a big fan of ghost films but Shutter is frankly THAT good! Sadly I don’t get to the cinema as much as I would like, nothing beats a good horror on the big screen.

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