Hall Of Shame

Welcome to The Subtitled Hell Hall Of Shame. These are the real pits of cinema, the kind of movies that make you want to pour bleach in your eyes. Not all movies here have been reviewed because quite frankly the thought of sitting through them again to review them is frankly depressing.

Battle Royale II Requiem

A total insult to Battle Royale‘s genius, not fit to wipe the original’s arse.

Baise Moi

Deeply offensive shit.

Trouble Every Day

Not even the wonderful Beatrice Dalle can save this celluloid turd.

Stacy, Attack Of The Schoolgirl Zombies

Truly fucking godawful.

Entrails Of A Virgin

By far the worst Pinku ever, yes even worse than Sexual Parasite Killer Pussy!

Funny Games

intellectual study of violence… my arse!

Eko Eko Azarak

Takes crap to a whole new level

The Butcher

So bad it almost defies description.

Evil Dead Trap

Possibly the worst slasher ever made!

Philosophy Of A Knife

Tasteless, dull, boring & arse-numbingly long.



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